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Exciting New Features

BEDDpic - Allows you to share pictures for free over Bluetooth then store within each user’s profile.

BEDDfish - Allows you to send free text messages to Bluetooth devices that are not yet BEDD enabled.

BEDDanti-virus - Anti-virus protection, always on and running in background, automatically searches for and removes if your phone is infected with the Caribe Bluetooth virus.


Welcome to the BEDD Community

BEDD & Mobile Phones …
Creating a New Mobile Wireless Community!

Make new friends
Meet someone special
Share pictures
Send free text messages
Be alerted when your buddies are close by
Place ads for things to buy and sell
Searches automatically and can meet others immediately
Free and easy to share with your friends so everyone can enjoy together!

BEDD searches automatically to connect people for any reason. BEDD allows people to meet immediately.

BEDD, while running in the background of your mobile phone, automatically exchanges your profile about whom you are and who you would like to meet. It also exchanges ads about things that you would like to buy or sell. Then after making a correlation analysis, it will alert you to that exciting match!

BEDD allows you to send free Bluetooth text messages or make regular mobile contact via SMS, MMS, Call, IM or Email.

BEDD is like internet match making sites, on-line chat and newspaper classifieds, only all inside your mobile phone, doing all the work for you, allowing you to meet that someone special or find that cool thing to buy or sell.


Most BEDDshares Contest 2006!

BEDDshare to 50 people and have a chance to win a new Nokia N series phone!

BEDDshare to 100 people and have a chance to win a trip to beautiful Bali!


When: Every Saturday from 2pm to 4pm
Where: In cities all around the world
Who: Hot babes, handsome hunks and cool things to buy and sell
What: Meet new friends, hang out, enjoy free coffee n snacks and have a chance to win exciting prizes!

Would you like to organize BEDDtime in your city?
Let us know and we'll list locations, post pictures and share happening stories on our website. For more info, please visit the Events section or email us at


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